Nali Weapons 3 - Preview 2 (includes Nuke)

New Preview of Nali Weapons 3, showing more new weapons and a nuke.

Nali Weapons 3 - UltimaProtos and MegaTon

New development update of NW3, showing the 2 most powerfull weapons of the pack: UltimaProtos and MegatTon.

Nali Weapons II X

Weapon pack featuring about 14 new weapons and lots of new features


New variation of the largely known and popular Rocket-X, with lots of fixes and new features


New pickups UT2004 and UT3 like for Unreal Tournament


New vehicle pack for Unreal Tournament. Still in development...


A new Egypt based CTF map for Unreal Tournament, with full bot support and playable under any mutator or mod

Nali Weapons 3 - UltimaProtos and MegaTon

Posted by Feralidragon

Here it goes another update: UltimaProtos and MegaTon weapons.


As you can see, the first shot basically shows that now instead of using those annoying fire/altfire combos, you can actually use your 0-9 keys to setup the device properlly, with a quite natural animation, while in the second shot is the Megaton already planted and counting down to blow up, unless someone is able to crack the password and disarm the device.

As for the explosion, it's the same mushroom-like nuclear explosion I show in my Preview 2 video (check NW3 Preview 2 here).


The first shot show the UltimaProtos skinned but with no fx, while the second shows a *part* of the UltimaProtos firing sequence (by "part", I mean that sequence is still missing some ending fx, like lightnings coming out of it at a certain stage).
While "screens" aren't accurate to show, the weapon has some stuff rotating during the sequence at high speeds (like that rotor that becomes incandescent during the sequence).

This weapon takes 8 full seconds to fully charge up until it actually fires the projectile (given that this is pretty much the most powerfull weapon/nuker in the pack, I think it's a reasonable drawback.

Nali Weapons 3 - Preview 2 (includes Nuke)

Posted by Feralidragon

Basically put, I made a second NW3 preview as requested by some people, where I show the Graviton, the cybots and even 2 nuclear explosions (Level 4 [=Megaton], and a very small bit of Level 5 [=UltimaProtos] at the end of the video).

If you're wondering when's the release date, I can't say for sure, it depends in my time, features to do and fixes.
Only a few weapons are left to finish as some features, so I think by August I may have something, but I cannot guarantee anything, as always.

For now, everything I can give is NW3 Preview 2 and a new weapon image:

Nali Weapons 3 - Update (Development)

Posted by Feralidragon

I don't update this blog for a long time relative NW3 development, although I updated all the openned topics in several Unreal Tournament Communities.

So in a short brief resume, this pack almost done, however there's no defined release date yet, instead I will list what's left to do:
- Fixes and addons to the Nali Weapons core
- Some weapons: Nuclear Launcher, MegaTon, UltimaProtos, Ionizer, Spawner, Melee and a few others
- Some full configurable mutators
- Some new pickups
- A few gameplay features
- And finally, beta-testing to further fixing before release.

I won't update this blog again until beta-testing or official release, so if you want to follow the pack development updates, you can do it here:





For now, I leave you with "some" images about the last updates regarding this mod (go to the links above to check more):

Nali Weapons 3 - Preview 1 (Video and Screenshots)

Posted by Feralidragon

Well, I released the last version of Nali Weapons (Nali Weapons II X) for over a year, and today is as known as other popular weapon packs such as Chaos UT and Unreal 4 Ever (for my honest surprise).

The pack was known mostly for weapons like the Graviton, and the whole set of nuclear weapons, specially the MegaTon and UltimaProtos, and was adopted in several MonsterHunt servers, and a few DM servers as well, and for it's "quality" (you may laugh now, I did after I started this one ).

It was also known for 2 problems: huge filesize and some visual lag in case you didn't lower the detail settings of the pack itself.

Now, after more than a year, I am producing a whole new weapon pack: Nali Weapons 3.
This pack aims to solve all the problems it had before, and to give at least the minimal expected quality to a game like this nowadays ,not the best, but minimally decent, by remaking the whole set of the old pack weapons, and even add a few new ones.

Some of those remakes will have total changes in firemodes, others just the new effects and optimizations.

And, they will be balanced enough to be player under any gametype: DM, CTF, MH, etc. Just remember these weapons just get "ultra strong" with the modifiers, which are really meant for games like that, like MH for instance, as with them not activated, they are balanced, and there are some tweaks in each weapon that anyone can make to make them even more balanced (ammo consumptions, temperature restrictions in the Flame Tracker, etc).


Now a little preview of the pack (featuring 5 weapons, some features and the modifiers).

Sorry for the quality, but after 2 days of war against Movie Maker this the best quality I can give :\

To compensate the lack of quality in the video, there's some screenshots:

I can't show any nuke since I didn't got there yet, so for those who actually know the previous pack and its nukes, you can already imagine the quality difference from the old nukes to the ones which are yet to be produced. ;)

Core Features:

Implented and working, both offline and online:

* Dynamic Coronas and LensFlares (no color blending, as it's not rendered on Canvas)
* Carcasses and "chunks" FX (flames and other effects)
* BSP "chunks/debris" FX (client-side only, and only appears when Decals are enabled)
* "Shockwave" special FX: new "shake" system (more realistic than UT standard one), timed effects, shock aproximation based FX
* New water effects (including instant-hit support)
* Weapon overlayers, glows/lights and effects
* New respawn FX: the respawn color can be customized, by a specific color or team based (support in all standard team gametypes)
* Ammo animation on respawn
* New crosshairs (discrete ones this time, not those big ugly ones like in the previous pack)
* New decals
* Totally new firing/projectile effects
* Hand rendering on the weapon: optional (can be visible or not, your choice) and doesn't get affected by the weapon effects (like UDamage, Modifiers, etc)
* Dynamic color projectiles (projectiles which color fades to others with the time)

Yet to implement:

* Hand(s) on weapon rendering:
a) Skin rendering depending on model, skin and team of the player (human, skaarj, ..., red team, blue team...)
b) Hand customization support: associate custom hand skins to models (standard or custom)
c) Hand "fatness" update regarding the "Fat mutator" from UT

* Weapon/Ammo/Pickup Replacer (fully customizable, being able to choose which weapon replaces which)
* "Not enough ammo" message when can't fire weapon due to lack of ammo
* "Special Mesh System" (?): mesh based actors with the "disappearing" bug fixed (tested and working, but not sure if I will implement it in the core)

New Weapons:

This pack will feature 17 different weapons, and 6 "utilities" which will be located at the 1st weapon slot.

- Weapons:

* War Ready Enforcer (WRE): Remake (Done)
* Flame Tracker: Remake (Done)
* Bolt Rifle: Remake (Done)
* Super Bolt Rifle: Remake (Done)
* Graviton: Remake
* Freezer: Remake
* Vulcan: Remake
* The Miner: Remake
* MultiMissile Launcher: Remake (Done)
* InfraRed Precision Rifle (IRPR): Remake
* Cybot Launcher (Cybots): Remake
* MegaTon: Remake
* UltimaProtos: Remake
* Nuclear Launcher: Remake
* Nuclear Deployer: NEW
* Nuclear Remote Device: NEW
* Ionizer: NEW (return from Nali Weapons v1.4, only works if a satelite is on the air [see utilities below])

- Utilities:

* Spawner: NEW (spawns weapons, ammo, pickups, etc)
* MegaTon Decoder: Remake
* MegaTon Password: Remake
* Satelite Deployer: NEW (return from Nali Weapons v1.4, basically a satellite where an ion based attack can come and where you can see around like a camera)
* Cybot Controller - Order Giver: NEW (to be able to give orders to the cybots, like you do with bots)
* X-Binocules: NEW (to look at long distances and to retrieve info about a traced pawn: health, distance, name, team, etc)
* (Perhaps another utility? Like a jetpack or something lol, idk)

Differences relative to the old pack:

* View bob restored
* Higher quality (animations, effects, models, skins, etc...)
* Much lower pings (net code fully optimized)
* Full bot support (I really mean it, even if I have to "teach/force" bots how to deploy mines and nukes properlly)
* "Visual" lag: only in Max Detail Settings (Nali Weapons configuration file) and only having too many weapons/ammo in view

* Bigger filesize, but only regarding the ENTIRE PACK: in the previous pack, all the weapons and core were integrated into a single 80Mb pack, which was a huge mistake. This time Nali Weapons III will be divided like this:

a) Core file (about 15Mb on release, 11Mb currently)
b) One file per weapon/utility (between 2Mb and 9Mb, depending on the weapon features itself: more or less effects, projectiles, etc)
c) 3 configuration files: Nali Weapons III main ini, Weapons Configuration ini (specific weapon settings), Hands Customization ini
d) A Nuclear Pack (since the Nuclear Launchers, Deployers and Remote devices will use the same nuclear effects): perhaps around 10Mb

This brings several advantages:
- Just use the weapons you want in the server (clients won't download what you aren't using in the server, nor load them)
- New clients will see a "smaller" pack instead (with a good redirect, the clients will actually wait and won't notice the pack
size), and the ones reading this, in case they want to try it, might download it and install it first instead;
- Possibility to expand the pack without massive updates (either by me or anyone else), as well to fix specific bugs regarding specific weapon

Just one disadvantage though:
- If the core has some sort of terrible bug going on, or just an annoying one, I have 2 options:
a) Fix the core, don't rename it and release it as a patch - but people will get mismatches and that's bad
b) Fix the core, rename it and then I have to recompile every single weapon and pack associated so they can work with the new core, which means a massive version update (the whole pack release again), which is bad as well.

To avoid any of these 2 situations, I will try to get a private server with some beta-testers to fully test the pack before release, so terrible core problems don't happen afterwards (if I can get someone to host it by then, which shouldn't be a big problem I hope).

Any comments, feedback or requests regarding this mod, you can do them below.

Nali Weapons 3 - In Development

Posted by Feralidragon

There's a new version of Nali Weapons in development, which is going to be Nali Weapons 3 or Nali Weapons III.

In Nali Weapons 3 everything will be new and optimized, and the quality difference relative to Nali Weapons 2 will be like the difference between Nali Weapons v1.4 and Nali Weapons II X, which means a really huge quality difference.

Nali Weapons 3 will bring a ton of new optimizations and features, thinking is graphics and server owners.

This new pack will have a totally new revolucionary flexible system regarding server settings and even clans.
What do I mean with that? Well, I can't say much now, but server owners will be able to run ONLY the weapons they desire, making the clients download only those weapons and not the whole pack, and regarding clans, they will be able to customize entirelly the hand holding the weapons (so if you have a clan logo and own hand skin, you will be able to change it relative to these weapons editing 1 only skin and ini file).

All the weapons will be bug free relative to "hangs", and all the processing will be extremelly optimized.

Relative to the graphics, they will be taken to a whole new level without loosing performance, where some weapons will be totally remade and others enhanced, as the HUD relative to the modifiers and such. Also everything will be animated properlly regarding hands and the weapons themselves, sounds corrected, crosshairs remade and totally anti-aliased (they are very ugly currently).

Even the respawn of weapons, ammo and modifiers is already totally customized.

Regarding weapons, there's going to be new ones as well, and some firemodes will be changed as well.

This time, Nali Weapons should take the weapon modding to a whole new level that no other weapon pack achieved before or close to be achieved, at least in Unreal Tournament using only UScript.

To finalize, some images regarding the new pack:

New MultiMissile Launcher

New Modifiers (Infinity and Fast)

Any comments, feedback or requests regarding this mod, you can do them below.

CTF-Mysis - Released!

Posted by Feralidragon

CTF-Mysis was released for Unreal Tournament.

This a new Egypt base Capture The Flag map, with full bot support and it can be played under any mutator or mod (normal weapons, instagib, SLV, Rocket-X, Siege, etc), due to its layout.

Check more about it:
Images Download

Any comments, feedback or requests regarding this map, you can do them below.

Have fun :)

X-Vehicles - New mod in development

Posted by Feralidragon

There's a new mod in development called XVehicles, featuring about 30 totally new vehicles.

It's a totally new concept in Unreal Tournament: vehicles. Although there were other "failed" attempts (regarding UScript only, of course) to bring proper vehicles into UT, this shouldn't be the case anymore, and thanks to .:..: from OldUnreal, I am being able to develop a vehicle mod and pack for everyone to use in their maps.

There's a catch though, there won't be any multiplayer support, so I am betting all my efforts into AI support, so they can be used in Single Player campaigns or single maps (only if Epic finished or at least fixed what they should back then, then it would be possible to make these work online with almost no effort at all, but with UT as it is, it's simple not viable).

Check more about them:
Info Images

Any comments, feedback or requests regarding this mod, you can do them below.

Have fun :)

X-Pickups - Released!

Posted by Feralidragon

X-Pickups was released for Unreal Tournament.

This pack brings totally new pickups based on UT2004 and UT3, however some of them are really new to the series.
Each pickup has a special HUD counter and the armor system is brand new, being possible to hold a shieldbelt without removing the rest of the armor (such as toxin suits or thighpads).

Check more about it:
Info Images Download

Any comments, feedback or requests regarding this mod, you can do them below.

Have fun :)

Venom-X - Released!

Posted by Feralidragon

Venom-X was released for Unreal Tournament.

This new variation of Rocket-X brings several fixes, optimizations and features such as: missiles system and new CTF announcer and reweards.

Check more about it:
Info Images Download

Any comments, feedback or requests regarding this mod, you can do them below.

Have fun :)

Nali Weapons II X - Released!

Posted by Feralidragon

Nali Weapons II X was released for Unreal Tournament.

This weapon pack brings about 14 new weapons, and tons of new features, specially regarding Monsterhunt.

Check more about them:
Info Images Weapons Download

Any comments, feedback or requests regarding this mod, you can do them below.

Have fun :)

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